Agent Fresco [IS]

“Iceland’s award winning Agent Fresco are a genre-defying troupe of highly ecclectic and
talented musicians, bringing back what’s missing into contemporary music: Elan, verve, emotion
and a bold take on elaborately crafted progressive tunes. A true phenomenon within Iceland’s
phenomenal music scene, a band as untamed, graceful, momentous, dangerous and
unpredictable as their country. Rock, Metal, Pop or Alternative are terms of no importance
whatsoever for these artful renegades clustering around vocalist extraordinaire Arnor Dan. His
floating voice carries a feeling of freedom and vastness, their songs make you shudder before
the beautiful as if you’d be standing atop a huge mountain. Highly esteemed on their records as
well as in concert venues around the globe, Agent Fresco and their iridescent, propulsive, arty
and highly addictive music are no longer Iceland’s best kept Rock secret. They are a band on
the run. A band ready to take on the world.”
Destrier – Album Of The Year, Icelandic Music Awards for 2015
Arnor Dan – Singer of the Year, Icelandic Music Awards for 2015
Agent Fresco – Live band of the year, Iceland National Radio award 2015
See Hell – Video of the year, Icelandic listeners awards 2015
Total 6 nominations for Iceland Music Awards