Andlát [IS]

Andlát is an Icelandic metal band formed in 2001.



At the dawn of of the 21st century, after a brief golden age in the early nineties – in which every Icelandic child seemed to be playing Death Metal,
scrolling through anatomic encyclopedias to build their gruesome vocabulary, suffering from long-term whiplash symptoms,
and when rural priests compelled their parishioners to burn their deathmetal records (only to rue the day,
witnessing their net worth on e-bay years later) – the genre had fallen into decline and Icelandic teenagers had cut their hair,
ceased their growling and packed their double-pedals.Unto this empty stage of morbid quietude Andlát stormed in the year 2000.
Belonging to a new scene of young bands under the banner of hardcore, Andlát fused metalcore with old school death metal,
a concoction aptly named deathmetalcore or simply deathcore by contemporary metal sub-genre analysts.
The band triumphed at the annual Icelandic battle of the bands, “Músíktilraunir” in 2001, following in the footsteps of the local pioneers of Death Metal,
Sororicide (1991) and iconoclastic noisecore front-runners Mínus (1999). Andlát carved their niche performing at dozens of local concerts for
the moshpit-thirsty misled youth of the new millennium, with metalcore bands such as Snafu and I Adapt.
In 2004 they released their sole album, Mors Longa, through the Czech hardcore label Hopewell records and toured Europe in the spring,
spreading the Icelandic deathcore gospel to Germany, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
Their first tour became a farewell tour, as the band resolved to shuffle off this mortal coil with a declared final concert in 2005 – only to break their wow of silence in 2006.
From then on, metal has forked into many directions in Iceland and a new wave of Death Metal has emerged,
whilst Andlát have spent most of the last decade on indefinite hiatus, interrupted by occasional performances,
such as an appearance at Eistnaflug in 2009 and with old friends Heaven Shall Burn,
the German deathcore trailblazers that returned for their third show in Iceland in 2011.
Unsealing the coffin after a longer slumber than ever,
Andlát are resuscitated in 2017 after six years of suspended animation and a career as long as the century.