Auðn [IS]

Founded in December 2010


Icelandic Black Metal

Band Members
Aðalsteinn Magnússon – Guitar
Andri Björn Birgisson – Guitar
Hjalti Sveinsson – Vocals
Hjálmar Gylfason – Bass
Sigurður Kjartan Pálsson – Drums

Home Town

Record Label


Icelandic Black Metal – Season Of Mist

For all its beauty, Iceland can be a dark place, where the furious elements rage and teach fear
but also inspire human creativity. Hailing from the village of Hveragerði in the south of the volcanic
island, AUÐN are the latest offspring from the burgeoning black metal scene in this land of ice and
snow to set their tattered sails for foreign shores. Unlike the majority of their blackened brethren,
AUÐN trade in haunting melodies and bitterly beautiful atmospheres – as opposed to the jarring
and caustic blunt force trauma that has brought this remote place in the Northern Atlantic to the
black metal forefront of late, providing a much needed balance to the darkness. Founded in
the bleak winter of 2010, AUÐN will remain to haunt your starving eardrums until their final
crescendo closes the book on a burnt and barren earth.

Current Location

Press contact
Gunnar Sauermann – Season Of Mist

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