Grave Superior [IS]

Created in 2014

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Grave Superior

Oldschool Death Metal to Modern Brutal Death

Band Members
Kristján Jóhann Júlíusson – Guitar
Chris van der Valk – Vocals/Guitar
Marcin Zięba – Drums
Davíð Már Antonsson – Bass

Home Town

Death Metal from Iceland – We Are Grave Superior!

The Icelandic Metal scene just got deader with the rise of a brand new Death Metal band called “Grave Superior”

Grave Superior smelts a variety of precious metals, such as “Old-school Death”, “90’s Thrash” and “Modern Prog”,
seamlessly welding them like a blow-torch into a new element of Metal, only to be found within the volcanic remains of Iceland.
Without concessions, the members of Grave Superior write their songs based on their individual musical influences and without prejudice,
they write their lyrics based on the horrors and filth we find in today’s society.

Although set in Iceland, Grave Superior has both domestic and international roots:
The domestic half is represented by the well experienced guitar shredder Kristján Jóhann Júliusson (Khamûl, Zakaz, MURDERER).
For years his leads and solo’s pierce through the eardrums of the weak, leaving them to bleed for days

Poland is famous for their high-quality Metal and their drummers are top-notch. Grave Superior has it’s very own Polish drum beast,
Marcin Zieba, who has been playing the drums for nearly two decades and his beats will pound the pitiful into a pulp.

Another country that is dominating the Metal scene is the Netherlands. Veteran vocalist, bass- and guitar player Chris van der Valk (Blo.torch,
Prejudice, Inquisition(NL)) however, decided to abandon his homeland after twenty years of Dutch Metal to join forces with the Icelanders.
Expect acidic burns to the face when he opens his throat, guided by hideous riffage that leaves one scarred for life.

Grave Superior is currently working on it’s material. They expect to release their 6-song debut in the spring of 2016, but they are ready to hit the stage as we speak!
Front-man Chris is also a freelance producer and made high-quality pre-productions of some of the songs from their setlist.
These productions serve as a demo until the debut will be released.

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