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Rock Wave

Band Members
Birgir Thorgeirsson
Engilbert Hauksson
Ingi Þór Pálsson
Kristján Einar Guðmundsson
Thorlakur “Laki” Thor Gudmundsson

Home Town

Record Label
Season of Mist

International: Thomas: tr [at] kingstar-music.com

Iceland: kontinuumcult [at] gmail.com

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In 2010 Kontinuum was born with the aim to make hypnotic and spiritual musical noise.
Pre-productions of the first album Earth Blood Magic was sent to a few labels and got an immediate positive feedback.
In 2011 Kontinuum wasted no time and entered the Sundlaugin studio in Iceland to begin recording of the first full length album.
The album was released in 2012 and received rave reviews across the board.
The album was picked rock album of the year in Morgunblaðið Iceland and appeared on numerous end of year 2012 lists,
including Thrashits, allscandinavian.comand Metalhammer Magazine (uk).
It was also nominated as the best post metal album of 2012 at MetalStorm.net, top album at metal.it, hot album at metalitalia.it,
album of the week at imperiumi in Finland and band of the month at Italian Dagheisha.com, to name a few.
In 2013 the band played numerous live shows, delivering a powerful performance, establishing themselves as a powerful live performance band.
In 2014 the band started work on their sophomore album.
The first single of the album “I Huldusal” was released the same year and was greeted with substantial radio play locally in Iceland.
The single topped the charts of the countries largest alternative rock radio station.
In april 2015 their second album “Kyrr” was released alongside a brand new single “Breathe”.
After the album release the band did two tours in Germany, performed at Devilstone Festival in Lithuania, Eistnaflug Festival, Iceland Airwaves, Roadburn Festival and Eurosonic Festival.

Current Location
Reykjavik Iceland

General manager
kontinuumcult [at] gmail.com

Booking agent
Kingstar Music: Thomas tr [at] kingstar-music.com (international)

kontinuumcult [at] gmail.com
(Iceland only)

” perfect music for driving fast down a dark, desert highway in a ’69 Dodge Charger
for a rendezvous with Satan… to punch him in the nuts and steal his

pitchfork to go raise some REAL hell even further down the road.” (random internet dude)

‘“An astonishing cocktail of punk energy, post-rock weight and ambience, melancholic metal despondency and the occasional flash of Emperor’s ferocity,” Metalhammer’