Morpholith [IS]


Morpholith is a 5 piece doom metal band formed in 2016. After refining the fuzz and building a wall of amplifiers the
band met up with Bjarni Jóhannes of Churchhouse Creepers and recorded their first EP in the spring of 2017.
After numerous delays and unforeseen circumstances the EP was finally released in April 2018 under the name Void Emissions.

The album includes 3 songs and is around 30 minutes of pure sludge and filth.

“Morpholith unleash a brazen, massive avalanche of crushing riffs and tempo diverse output. While rooted in traditional doom at its core, the EP does cater to some progressive metal elements amid its exuding despair” – Riff Relevant

Expect something heavy, expect something loud, Morpholith will play at Eistnaflug 2018.

Photo by: Verði Ljós