Naga [IT]

NAGA is a blackened doom trio.
contact us: nagadoom[at]
Band Members
Lorenzo (Vocals and Guitar), Emanuele (Bass), Dario (Drums)
Home Town
Record Label
Lay Bare Recordings/FalloDischi/La Fine/Shove Records
Naga is a 3-piece ensemble from Naples, South Italy, and basically that’s all you need to know. Deeply grounded in the sulphurean atmosphere of their land, their aim is to deliver the biggest amount of distortion, heaviness and nihilism to your ears. No concept, no bullshits, no happiness, just sound anger and frustration to exorcize and reflect the greyness and despair of contemporary world. That’s all they are, that’s all they do that’s all you’ll find in their works from the first demo in 2013, in Hēn (Fallo Dischi, La Fine, Shove records, Lay Bare recordings 2014) and in their new ep Inanimate (Lay Bare recordings). Celebrate nothing, worship Naas.