Oni [IS]

Artists We Also Like
Deaf Happiness, Urð, Sacrilege
Band Interests
To make music
Sludge Metal, Progressive Metal, Stoner Metal
Band Members
Róbert Þór Guðmundsson – Vocals
Daníel Magnús – Guitars
Þorsteinn Árnason – Bass, vocals
Brynjar Örn Rúnarsson – Drums
Home Town
Progressive stoner metal band from Neskaupstaður, Iceland.

ONI is a quartet that was formed in an isolated fjord in east Iceland otherwise known as Neskaupstaður in the year of 2010. The band plays music that people would consider to be more towards the stoner rock or sludge metal genre, but they do not label themselves as any particular genre other than rock.

ONI is composed of the guitarist, Daníel Magnús B. Ásgeirsson, the bassist, Þorsteinn Árnason, the drummer, Brynjar Örn Rúnarsson, and the vocalist, Róbert Þór Guðmundsson.

In July 2014 they released their first album titled „Misadventures“ which has 8 tracks, one of which features their previous drummer, Bjartur Sæmundsson, from an older recording of the song.
The band is influenced by many artists such as Brain Police, Boris, Mastodon, Down, Clutch, ISIS and artists from many other genres including jazz, blues and more.

The band started writing tunes right away and ended up with some form of progressive rock which later evolved into a tight mix of groovy stoner rock with a hint of post metal and sludge metal in the mix with the years to come. All of the songs are written by the band as a whole and all of the members, current and previous, have shares in all songs that they participated in writing.

The name ONI came to guitarist, Daníel Magnús, and has no specific reason for being the band’s name.

ONI played their first show, off-venue. during Eistnaflug 2011. They would later play with DIMMA and Sólstafir, at Eistnaflug’s main stage, and Andkristnihátíð in 2012. The year 2013 was more or less spent in writing and perfecting songs for the upcoming album, the band went through a member change in January 2013 and got their old drummer, Brynjar Örn Rúnarsson, to beat the skins for them.

In late fall 2013 ONI played Fuzz Fezt, a stoner rock oriented mini-festival with bands like Brain Police and PLÖW. Things are picking up for ONI in 2014, so far they have performed with acts like Brain Police at Græni Hatturinn in Akureyri where the house was completely sold out and packed, The Vintage Caraven at Græni Hatturinn and Gamli Gaukurinn in Reykjavík where they were welcomed with open arms and they played Eistnaflug 2014 where many stoner rock fans alike showed up to groove out with the band. In 2015 ONI returned for Fuzz Fest and did a few off venue shows at Icelandic Airwaves and In November same year, Sólstafir invited them to perform at their concert in Græni Hatturinn. Let´s not forget to mention a quite a lot of shows with Churchhouse Creepers, a stoner metal party band newly introduced to the Icelandic metal scene. These are few of the highlights of the many gigs that ONI have played and will soon play.

ONI are currently working on a new album, which will be released in autumn 2016.

Live review:

Metal Hammer
„Consummate professionals, they pour everything into their slick brand of progressive stoner rock, but leave an odd impression with a frontman with the moves of Prince and the suit of an office worker“.

„A thick substance of sludge-metal surges out of the massive speakers, and the concert starts. The opening act of the evening, ONI, have raised the curtain to charge the audience up for the coming onslaught of The Vintage – and within a few moments, every single being within the walls of Gamli Gaukurinn is on their feet, feeling the presence of these sack-heavy eastern Icelandic rockers. The lead-loaded drumming, flowing riffs, guttural vocals and gut-bursting bass lines drive the crowd into the night, and the heat intensifies with every note“.

Album review:

Metal Nexus
„ONI have only issued one official full-length album, 2014’s brilliantly amazing Misadventures and how in the hell this thing has not blown up all over the place just escapes me. The eight tracks contained on this masterpiece are full of audio texturing, emotion exuding, and downright powerful Rock that is clearly bolstered by the talents combined in this group“.

No Clean Singing
„I’ve started using a new pair of headphones that I like a lot. I had the volume cranked way up, and “Quo Vadis Humanitas” made the headphones physically pulsate and wobble on my head. No shit. The riffs in this thing are so fat that they’re morbidly obese, and the band’s juxtaposition of them with chiming guitar arpeggios is a thing of beauty. When the song kicks into its main gear, it becomes convulsively infectious; only the dead could remain still. The vocalist has really got a set of pipes on him, too. I’m thoroughly hooked“.

Current Location
Mastodon, Gojira, Opeth, Melvins, Baroness, Boris, Clutch, Down.