Order [NO]

Founded on 10 June 2013
Black metal
Band Members
Anders Odden – Guitar, Messiah – Vocals, Manheim – Drums, Stu Manx – Bass
Home Town
Record Label
Listenable Records
Formed anno 2013 to restore order and celebrate Pure Fucking Armageddon for all!
Messiah Manheim Odden Manx

It was inevitable. In June 2013, the time was right for the Second Coming of Pure Fucking Armageddon. This time through Order. Four men – one Order: Restore it! And the four men that was set to this task are all original members of the very first wave of Norwegian Black/Death Metal.

Drums – Manheim – from Mayhem
Vocals – Billy Messiah – from Mayhem
Guitar – Anders Odden – from Cadaver
Bass – Stu Manx from – from Gluecifer

Bass – Rene Jansen – from Cadaver (died 3.12.2014)

Press contact
ordertheband [at] gmail.com
Booking agent
ordertheband [at] gmail.com