Zatokrev [CH]

Psychedelic Apocalypse Metal
Band Members
Frédéric Hug – Drums
Lucas Löw – Bass/BackingVox
Tobi Glanzmann – Guitar
Frederyk Rotter – Guitar/Vox
Record Label
Candlelight Records
ZATOKREV was founded in april 2002 in Basel. Although the first album (tracked in their own rehearsal room) was only intended for demo-purposes, the band immediately got offered various deals, and finally released the record in 2004/2005 on Codebreaker, Earache and Division Records. The following Bury The Ashes got released through Firebox Records/Finland in 2007, while the third The Bat, The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere finally got a world wide release in 2012 on the UK based cult-label Candlelight Records. Zatokrev have claimed stages on countless tours and festivals all over europe, while gaining the status of an intense live act. The numerous line-up changes throughout these years did not harm the creative output of the band: Drawing from their Sludge/Heavy-Background, the band is now a lot more open to experimentation, and does not hesitate to expand towards Doom, Death- and Black-Metal, as well as even Psychedelic Rock – So it’s no coincidence that also the lyrics and the artwork both bend towards more metaphorical themes. 2014 saw the recording of the new album Silk Spiders Underwater… at the infamous Rec Studio in Geneva with Serge Morattel and finally mixing and mastering by Raphaël Bovey (Just as the predecessing album). The 65 minutes worth of new material feature denser songwriting and variations in dynamics and arrangements. The first of two conceptual albums, Silk Spiders Underwater…, was released in 2015 on Candlelight Records.
Celtic Frost, Pink Floyd, Neurosis, Black Sabbath, Swans, Melvins, Godflesh, Eyehategod, Blut Aus Nord